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100. YUMEPIRIKA - Hokkaido


the rice factory イチオシ! コシヒカリに対抗するため、11年以上かけて育てた北海道米の最高級品種です。ほどよい柔らかさと、肉料理と相性抜群の甘みが特徴です。噛めば噛むほど独特の甘みが広がり、いくらでも食べていただけます。アイヌ語の「美しい」「ピリカ」に代表されるように、鮮やかな光沢を放っています。

"the rice factory's top recommendation!” To compete with Koshihikari, this top-grade variety of Hokkaido rice was bred to perfection for over 11 years. It is characterized by a moderately soft texture and a sweetness that pairs perfectly with meat dishes. You will notice it's unique sweetness expand the more you chew, inviting you to eat as much as you want. It holds a brilliant glossy shine, represented by Ainu 'beautiful' 'Pirika'."

  • Name: 北海道 ゆめぴりか- 2022 Crop Hokkaido Yumepirika
  • Category: Rice
  • Style: Fresh [White/Brown]
  • Weight: 5.0 lb / 10.0 lb / 15.0 lb


〇 Bento Box, Musubi Rice Ball etc.
△ Curry, Fried rice, Paella

SKU: BARC-0010-W05-1