About Us

Our journey began with a deep appreciation for our native Japanese home-cooked dishes "WaGohan". From our home kitchens, we envisioned bringing this culinary delight to the palates of New Yorkers.

Established in 2021, we are committed to highlighting the essence of Japanese homestyle cuisine, emphasizing genuine and locally procured ingredients.

We proudly stand on a foundation built with Japanese food importers, distributors, and local artisans. Our aim is to deliver Japanese everyday groceries and provisions of unmatched authenticity and exceptional taste to your dining experience.

私たちの原点である「和ごはん」を、地元New Yorkで、手軽に楽しんでもらいたい。そんな想いからThe Grocery New Yorkは生まれました。自然の恵みを生かす日本の食文化を、たくさんの人に知っていただけるよう、リーズナブルで、品質の高い和食材をお届けし、アメリカでの「和ごはん」ライフを応援します。

Our Partners

A premier Japanese wagyu distributor, supplying NYC's top venues
Provides authentic Japanese rice from passionate farmers, freshly milling it here in NY

Frontier Market Japanese Food&Deli

A one-stop store for unique Japanese ingredients and finds