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103. KOSHI HIKARI - Niigata



新発田市市長イチオシ!"日本で一番有名なお米のブランド" 日本で最も需要と生産量が多い品種で、このお米の最大の魅力は味にあります。その他、粘り、香り、つや、粒の美しさ、歯切れの良さなどが優れています。

Taste ranking in 2019~ A’ rank(Niigata / Shibata)

Japanese Mayor Shibata's top choice. "The most famous rice brand in Japan." The variety with the highest demand and production volume in Japan, the greatest attraction to this rice goes to its taste - having a characteristic taste that stands out. Excellent stickiness, fragrance, gloss, beauty of grain, and crispness are its other strong suits.

  • Name: 新潟 こしひかり- 2022 Crop / Niigata Koshihikari 
  • Category: Rice
  • Style: Fresh [White/Brown]
  • Weight: 5.0 lb / 10.0 lb / 15.0 lb

〇 Steak, Pork Cutlet and other meat dishes
△ Fried rice, Pilaf etc.

SKU: BARC-0040-W05-1