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032. YAKINIKU SET - Silver


ご家族やお友だちと楽しんでいただけるTOMOE FOOD オススメの焼肉セットです。一般的なアメリカの精肉店では入手が難しいUS和牛も加えていますので、ほどよいサシ(脂身)を含む赤身感を味わうアメリカならではの焼肉をお楽しみいただけます。

TOMOE FOOD recommends this BBQ set to enjoy with family and friends. We have also added US Wagyu beef, which is difficult to find in general butcher stores in the U.S., so you can enjoy the unique American taste of grilled meat with a lean texture including a good amount of sashi (fatty meat).

  • Name: 焼肉セット - 銀 / YAKINIKU Variety set - Silver
  • Category: Beef (US Beef, US Wagyu)
  • Style: Slice
  • Weight: 2.0 lb (1 pack) 
  • Contents: Kalbi, Rosu, Rosu Kaburi, Harami, Zabton, Beef Tongue etc. 
  • Serve: 4
SKU: SPYK-0093-1