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126. DASHI KONBU Soup Stock Kelp


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Natural kelp from Hokkaido, carefully selected by a trading company specializing in kelp. Hakodate's thick and wide kelp is said to be the best for making soup stock.
This kelp from Hakodate is capable of producing a clear broth with an elegant sweetness and richness.

When used in cooking, it blends well with ingredients and enhances their flavor.
We carefully select such high quality kelp based on color, length, width, and thickness, and pack it in a bag. It can be used not only for boiled tofu, nabe dishes, soba and udon, but also for preparing pickles.

  • Name: 北海道産上出し昆布 / [Muroji] Hokkaido soup stock kelp
  • Category: Condiment/Food
  • Style: Pack
  • Weight: 60.0 g
SKU: BACM-0145-1