TATSUMI Naturally Brewed Round Soy Sauce (Dark/Light)

巽 天然醸造丸大豆醤油


Unit Qty: 300.0 ml

Aged through all four seasons for over 18 months, this naturally brewed soy sauce is crafted from moromi mash. Free from additives or preservatives, it uses 100% locally sourced soybeans and wheat from Ehime Prefecture, along with salt exclusively from Naruto in Tokushima.

DARK SOY SAUCE boasts an enticing aroma that whets the appetite, coupled with a rich, lingering flavor. It's a versatile option, suitable not only for kake but also for stews and grilled recipes. Its flavor becomes even more pronounced when heat-cooked, like during grilling or stir-frying.

LIGHT SOY SAUCE typically has a lighter hue and is often considered salty. However, Kajita Shoten's Tatsumi "light" version is crafted to capture the essence of its "dark" counterpart, but in a paler shade. Despite being a light variety, it offers a refreshingly full-flavored experience. It's perfect for kakes, simmered meals, grilled items, and soups, amplifying the taste of the ingredients.




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