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134. DONKO Dried Shiitake



当社では干し椎茸を高千穂郷の約 600 軒の生産者から直接集荷しています。これらの椎茸は甘い樹液を出すクヌギ原木を使用し、無農薬で露地栽培されています。ハウス栽培とは違い、風が吹けば椎茸は曲がりますが余分な水分を飛ばしてくれるので、うま味が濃厚で歯応えのある椎茸が育ちます。「山のアワビ」と評される昔ながらの食感は露地栽培の賜物です。

Sugimoto Shoten is a wholesaler specializing in dried shiitake mushrooms in Takachiho Township, Kyushu.

We collect dried shiitake mushrooms directly from approximately 600 growers in Takachiho. These shiitake mushrooms are grown in open fields without pesticides using sawtooth oak logs that produce sweet sap. Unlike greenhouse cultivation, the shiitake mushrooms bend when the wind blows, but the excess water is blown away, resulting in shiitake mushrooms with a rich umami flavor and a chewy texture. The traditional texture of shiitake mushrooms, described as "the abalone of the mountains," is the result of open-air cultivation.

  • Name: 九州産椎茸どんこ / [SUGIMOTO] DONKO Japanese Dried Shiitake
  • Category: Condiment/Food
  • Style: Pack
  • Weight: 70.0 g
SKU: BACM-0191-1