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136. SHIO KONBU Salt Kelp




Since its establishment in 1961, Yamakoshi Kobayashi Foods Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of kelp and delicacies using fresh ingredients from Hokkaido.

This salted kelp is made with shirokuchi-hama kelp from Hokkaido's Donan region, natural honjozo soy sauce, Okinawan salt shimamasu, and other carefully selected ingredients to bring out the flavor and softness of the kelp. No chemical seasonings or preservatives are used. It is recommended for hot rice, ochazuke (rice with green tea), asazuke (lightly pickled vegetables), etc.

  • Name: 北海道産 塩昆布 / [YAMAKO] Salt Kelp
  • Category: Condiment/Food
  • Style: Pack
  • Weight: 35.0 g
SKU: BACM-0185-1