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131. ASAZUKE Liquid for Pickles




Asazuke is a pickle that does not ferment very much, but this product is made by culturing 16 kinds of selected lactic acid bacteria in soymilk and adding a lactic acid fermented liquid that has been aged for 1 year. We use carefully selected domestic seasonings and Dashi without using sugar or food additives.

Lactic acid bacteria can be easily ingested even in lightly pickled vegetables, improving the taste and nutrition. Recommended for those who want to eat plenty of vegetables.

  • Name:  浅漬けの素 / [UMINOSEI] Liquid for making lightly pickled vegetables
  • Category: Condiment/Food
  • Style: Pack
  • Weight: 100.0 g (10g * 10packs)
SKU: BACM-0171-1