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123. MUGI MISO "Barley Miso"



通常、発酵・熟成の際には、微生物の発酵作用を促すために人 為的に加温などの温度調整をしますが、当店では、自然の成り行きに任せて発酵・熟成させる”天然醸造”により、手間ひまかけて作っています。

Ii Shoten, which has been in business in Uwajima since 1958, is a long-established barley miso maker that has been in business for three generations.

The barley is grown in Ehime or Kagawa Prefecture, the salt is produced in Kagawa Prefecture, and no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or other additives are used.
Normally, during the fermentation and aging process, the temperature is artificially adjusted to promote the fermentation of microorganisms, but at our store, we take the time and effort to produce "natural brewing," which allows the fermentation and aging process to occur naturally.

  • Name:  麦みそ / [IIMISO] Barley Miso
  • Category: Condiment/Food
  • Style: Fresh Pack
  • Weight: 500.0g
SKU: BACM-0121-1