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This authentic mirin comes from The Rice Factory's unique ancient rice, Shirake Mochi, which is organically cultivated on their proprietary farm. Known for its elastic and fine texture, Shirake Mochi undergoes fermentation to produce an array of sugars, such as glucose and oligosaccharides, adding a nuanced sweetness to dishes. These sugars also bestow a beautiful gloss to the food. As a hon mirin, it contains no added salt.

The Rice Factory独自の自社農園で有機栽培された古代米「白毛もち」を使用した本格みりんです。弾力のあるきめ細かい食感で知られる「白毛もち」は、発酵によってブドウ糖やオリゴ糖などの糖類を生成し、料理にニュアンスのある甘みを加えます。また、これらの糖は料理に美しい光沢を与えます。本みりんのため、食塩は無添加です。

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