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005. JIDORI Thigh



「地鶏」ブランド: 有機配合の飼料と放し飼いによる飼育により、より自然に近い養鶏方式(不要な肥育がされない)のため、比較的小さいです。また、加工過程において一切の浸水処理をせず、冷蔵方式で処理するため、鮮度が保たれ、凝縮された鶏そのものの美味しさを味わっていただけます。

It is the part at the base of the foot that has a lot of muscle, giving it a crunchy texture and the richness and flavor unique to chicken. It is a versatile ingredient that can be seasoned and cooked in a variety of ways, making it a strong ally for your daily menu. In addition to fried chicken, it is also suitable for baking and stewing.

Jidori" brand: The chickens are relatively small due to the use of organic feed and free-range rearing that is closer to nature (no unnecessary fattening). In addition, the chickens are not soaked in water during the processing process, but are refrigerated to maintain their freshness and give you a taste of the concentrated flavor of the chicken itself.

  • Name: 地鶏 もも肉 (骨なし・皮なし ) / JIDORI Thigh (Boneless Skinless)
  • Category: Chicken (Cage Free Chicken)
  • Style: Vacuumed Pack
  • Weight: 10.0 lb (10.0 lb * 1 pack)
SKU: EUCH-0010-1