ChickenThigh (Boneless/Skinless)

Unit Qty: 10.0 lb (10.0 lb * 1 pack)

The base of the foot is muscular, offering a crunchy texture and distinct chicken flavor. It's a versatile ingredient suitable for various dishes, perfect for daily meals. Besides frying, it's great for baking and stewing.

*JIDORI brand chickens are smaller than the average due to organic feed and a free-range rearing environment, meaning no unnecessary fattening. When processed without water and refrigerated, the poultry boasts excellent freshness and intense flavor.


*「地鶏」ブランド: 有機飼料と放し飼いで自然に育て、不要な肥育を避けているため、一般的な鶏よりも小ぶり。浸水処理をせず冷蔵で加工するため、新鮮で濃厚な鶏そのものの美味しさを味わっていただけます。

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