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040. [20% OFF] US WAGYU ICHIBO Steak (3-4 Slice)

$36.00 $45.00

Tomoe Food Servicesの”訳ありセール”アイテムです。

人気部位の偏りにより、余りが生じる部位がでてきます。Tomoe Food Servicesでは、みなさまに、美味しいお肉をリーズナブルに味わっていただけるように、このような在庫部位からの商品化に取り組んでいます。

*イチボ: 部位としてはもも肉にあたり、お尻の先にある希少部位です。もも肉というと硬いイメージがありますが、イチボはお尻側のお肉ということもあり、もも肉の中では一番霜降りが多く柔らかめ。赤身の旨味と霜降りのバランスがとれたお肉といえます。

"SALE FOR A REASON" items by Tomoe Food Services'

Due to the uneven distribution of popular parts, some parts are left over, and Tomoe Food Services is committed to commercializing products from this kind of inventory so that everyone can enjoy delicious meat at a reasonable price.

*Ichibo: It is a rare part of the thigh, which is located at the end of the buttocks. Although thigh meat has an image of being tough, ichibo is the most tender and marbled meat among thighs because it is from the buttock side. It can be said to be a well-balanced meat with a good balance of lean flavor and marbling.

  • Name: US和牛”イチボ”ステーキ/ US Wagyu ICHIBO Steak
  • Category: Beef (US Wagyu) - Culotte
  • Style: Steak
  • Weight: 1.0 lb (1 pack)
SKU: SPSL-0017-1