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138. TATEISHI Seaweed



上質な新海苔を使用しているため、艶やかで黒々とした海苔に仕上がっています。寿司屋の巻き寿司にも乾海苔が使われていますが、通常の焼き海苔よりも水分を多く含んでいるため(約3-5%)、焼き海苔のようなパリッとした 食感とは異なります。

This seaweed made with a traditional machine over time. The seaweed from Aichi is richer in nutrients than other seas. It is a luxurious taste using only carefully selected seaweed from Onizaki.

The seaweed is glossy and black because it uses high-quality new seaweed. Dry laver is also used for sushi rolls at sushi restaurants, but because it contains more moisture than normal grilled laver (about 3 to 5%), it is more crispy than grilled laver This is not the texture. 

  • Name: 鬼崎産乾海苔 上撰全型10枚 / [TATEISHI] Seaweed
  • Category: Condiment/Food
  • Style: Pack
SKU: BACM-0190-1