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128. NUKA Rice Bran



精米店The Rice Factoryならではの新鮮な米ぬかです。新鮮な米ぬかは、米ぬか床に最適なだけでなく、お茶パックに入れて入浴剤にすれば、米ぬかの殺菌力と美白効果でお肌がつるつるになります。また、米ぬかは、煎じて食べたり、味に癖がないため、きな粉に近い感覚で使用することができ、玄米の栄養分を手軽に摂ることができます。その他に、古くなった米ぬかは、フライパンの油やトマトソースの掃除に使うことなどもできます。ぜひ、米ぬかライフをお楽しみください。

Maybe you can only buy here. Fresh rice bran First, fresh rice bran is great for rice bran floors. Also, if you put it in a tea pack and use it as a bath agent, your skin will be smooth due to the sterilizing power of rice bran and the whitening effect. You can also eat rice bran by roasting it. There is no habit in the taste, and you can use it with a feeling similar to kinako. You can easily take the nutrition of brown rice. Finally, the old rice bran can be used to clean the oil in the frying pan and tomato sauce. There are many other ways to use rice bran. Please enjoy rice bran life.


  • Name: 米ぬか/NUKA Rice Bran
  • Category: Condiment/Food
  • Style: Fresh Pack
  • Weight: 1.0lb
SKU: BACM-0160-OG-1