MARUHON Sesame Oil



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The aroma, richness, and color of sesame oil differ based on how it's roasted and pressed. Lightly roasted oils add a delicate aroma, ideal for tempura and marinades. In contrast, dark, deeply roasted oils bring robust flavors to sauces, soups, and stir-fries. We encourage you to select the appropriate sesame oil to enhance your culinary creations.
  1. Untoasted: A clean, neutral taste makes this a versatile alternative to other oils. Ideal for salad dressings when mixed with herbs.
  2. Lightly Toasted: Known as Taiko, it offers a mild, fresh aroma without overwhelming. A versatile choice for various cuisines, it enhances Asian soups and garlic sauces.
  3. Toasted: Offers a rich, nutty aroma, suitable for an array of ethnic dishes. Ideal for marinating veggies, seafood, and poultry.
  4. Dark Toasted: Intensely fragrant with a robust, balanced flavor, making it a go-to for Asian cooking, especially in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean BBQ sauces.


  1. Untoasted: 非常にクリーンでニュートラルな風味。汎用性が高く、滑らか。植物油、オリーブ油、その他の油の代替に最適。ハーブと混ぜてサラダドレッシングにも。
  2. Lightly Toasted: 太古とも呼ばれるこのごま油は、フレッシュでマイルドな香りが特徴で、様々な料理に最適です。アジアンスープやニンニクソース(アヒージョ)に2、3滴加えると風味が増します。
  3. Toasted: 豊かな香り。濃縮されたナッツのような風味。幅広いエスニック料理に最適です。野菜、魚介類、鶏肉のマリネに。
  4. Dark Toasted: 非常に香ばしく、強い香りとバランスのとれたしっかりとした味わい。日本料理、中華料理、韓国料理、バーベキューソースに最適です。
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