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107. SHIO MARU Natural Salt "Blue"


自然の恵みでつくる天日塩 - 土佐の塩元帥は、満潮時に海から汲み上げた海水を使用しています。太陽や風など自然の力を受けて結晶化します。沸騰させるために火を使うことは一切ありません。そのため、塩になるまでに夏は約1カ月、冬は2カ月以上かかります。風と太陽の力で海水から汲み上げただけの塩。それが「海水-水=天日塩」なのです。塩を食べるということは、生命の源である海を食べるということ。ぜひ、自然の「海」の味をお楽しみください。

SUN SALT MADE FROM THE BLESSINGS OF NATURE - Tosa's Shiomaru uses seawater pumped from the sea at high tide. Crystallizes with the power of nature such as the sun and wind. We do not use fire to boil at all. Therefore, it takes about one month in the summer and more than two months in the winter to become salt. Salt that is simply drawn from seawater by the power of the wind and the sun. That is "seawater-water = sun-dried salt". Eating salt means eating the sea, which is the source of life. Please enjoy the taste of the natural "sea".
A versatile type with a slightly finer particle size. For rice balls, grilled fish, pickles, soups, sushi, salt sauce, easy to blend with ingredients and easy to dissolve. It is especially effective when salty taste is infiltrated as a bottom taste.

  • Name: 土佐の塩丸-青丸- / [SALTYBE] Natural salt "Shiomaru - Blue"
  • Category: Condiment/Food
  • Style: Pack
  • Weight: 30.0 g / 200.0 g 
SKU: BACM-0020-SM-1