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120. MARUHON Sesame Oil



  1. Untoasted: 非常にクリーンでニュートラルな風味が特徴です。汎用性が高く、滑らか。植物油、オリーブ油、その他の油の代替品として最適です。ハーブと混ぜてサラダドレッシングにも。
  2. Lightly Toasted: 太香とも呼ばれるこのごま油は、フレッシュでマイルドな香りが特徴で、様々な料理に最適です。アジアンスープやガーリックソース(アヒージョ)に数滴加えると、より風味が増します。
  3. Toasted: 豊かな香り。凝縮されたナッツのような味わい。幅広いエスニックレシピに最適です。野菜、魚介類、鶏肉のマリネに。
  4. Dark Toasted: 非常に香ばしく、強い香りとバランスのとれたしっかりとした味わい。アジア料理に最適。和食、中華、韓国料理、バーベキューソースに最適です。

The intensity, mellowness, and appearance of sesame oil vary depending on the temperature at which sesame is roasted and the method of pressing. Lightly roasted for a soft aroma and light shade, and deep roasted for a strong aroma and dark shade.
By using sesame oil with a light color and soft scent for tempura and marinade, you can finish it with a refreshing taste that makes the best use of the taste of the ingredients, and sesame oil with a strong dark color can be used as sauce, soup, and stir-fry oil. The result is an appetizing dish. We hope that you will enjoy using sesame oil as a seasoning and choosing it according to your cooking.

  1. Untoasted: Very clean, neutral flavor profile. Versatile and smooth. Excellent alternative to vegetable, olive, and other oils. Mix with herbs to make a salad dressing.
  2. Lightly Toasted: Also called Taiko, this sesame oil has a fresh, mild aroma. Not overpowering. Perfect for a wide range of different cuisines. Add a couple drops to give Asian soups and garlic sauces (ajillo) more flavor.
  3. Toasted: Rich aroma. Concentrated, nutty flavor. Perfect for a wide range of ethnic recipes. Use for marinating vegetables, seafood, and chicken.
  4. Dark Toasted: Very fragrant, strong aroma with a balanced, robust flavor. Best for Asian cuisine. Use in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean recipes; makes a great BBQ sauce.
  • Name:マルホン胡麻油  / [MARUHON] Sesame Oil
  • Category: Condiment
  • Style: Bottle
  • Weight: 5.5 oz